About VRANTIA rejection from METAL ARCHIVES…

I really wonder about VRANTIA rejecting as a METAL band or project from Metal Archives…


The first time you alleged that Vrantia doesn’t have any physical copies around, now you changed your rules – adapting them to the new times, hurra – and now said you can’t because VRANTIA IS NOT METAL, is just AMBIENT music with NO INFLUENCE FROM METAL AT ALL!!!… Are you fucking kidding me???


VRANTIA is not ambient, IS METAL, with an strong classic & ambient influence, but is METAL… So, if it would be the problem, why you have on your page band like ARCANA or DE INFERNALI??? Why do you have a category labeled AMBIENT with +1000 bands???





The same for Hagalaz’ Runerdance, Paysage d’Hiver, Darkgaard… They aren’t metal at all… They don’t have Electric Guitars, bass, drums, metal instrumentation… VRANTIA does…Why are they metal? Why is VRANTIA not METAL? Arcana is metal??? De infernali is METAL??? hahaha

Take a listening from VRANTIA album MENASHI SHAWA before taking a real opinion and not for just listening the first minute from the album…






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